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  A unique style for students of all ages  


David's approach to piano lessons is unique in that each lesson plan caters to the individual student. Students are encouraged to expand their musical knowledge through the study of different genres, music theory, composition and improvisation. Students will learn to sightread music as well as train their musical ear.

During your introductory lesson you will discuss areas of interest, goals and learning style. From here David will create your customized lesson plan to help you meet your goals.


Currently offering 60 minute lessons for $100 per lesson.

Girl Playing Beginner Piano

"I would highly recommend David! He has been our children's piano teacher for about 5 years. He is extremely profesional and kind. Our kids have really enjoyed taking lessons from him. He also encourages them to be creative and he has instilled a love for music! He is a fantastic piano teacher and I would highly recommend him!!" --Tamara 

"I found David after deciding to delve back into piano after many years away. I was taught to read music, but I have very little understanding of music theory and thus can't improvise at all. I was pretty nervous to get back into it after so many years, but David has done a great job of meeting me where I am, challenging me just enough, and making it fun all at the same time. His ability to explain music theory without making it about memorizing chords has really helped me explore a part of my abilities I never knew I had. I have a feeling he'd be a great teacher for children as well, if I had any, I would definitely have David teach them!" --Jessica

"I've had a variety of music teachers in my life and David has been unique and exceptional in his ability to complement and extend my existing knowledge and experience with music. More than any other teacher I've had I experience David's instruction like a collaboration which has the effect of keeping me engaged and excited to practice and explore between lessons. Highly recommended!" --Loren

"David has been our piano teacher for 5 years. He is punctual, professional and courteous. I can't thank him enough for inspiring the love of music in my children. He encourages my children not only to play music but to create music. I would highly recommend him!!!" --Julia

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