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  Meet David!  

A passion for all things music


With over 20 years of teaching experience, David has a wide variety of skills to help any student learn the piano. He graduated from Cal State East Bay with a BA in music and continued his musical education at the University of Oregon earning a Masters in Jazz Studies with an emphasis on composition. David is currently the Assistant Director of Music at Golden Valley High School in Merced, CA. 

Growing up, David was exposed to a variety of music through his family. He remembers his grandmother playing the piano, his mother singing with her guitar, and his aunt's love of Disney and Broadway Musicals. From these influences, in grade school, David chose the piano as his instrument.

Many of his current students are siblings in families that he has been working with for many years. David feels the bond of a family through music is strong and important. David's extensive knowledge of musical theory, combined with his creative and warm style make him an excellent teacher for musicians of any skill level and age.

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